More love letters

"Incredible scenery on the road in Banff National Park" by Alaskan Dude
Last week we posted about the Love Letter Project, a project where you pen and post your own letter of encouragement to someone who is going through something you've gone through. Here's another love letter, from TWINE member Licia!

Reaching Your Goals

It's a long walk from here to there,
and the light is growing dim.
This road stretches on for endless miles,
and my patience is wearing thin.
He doesn't understand,
and I fear he never will.
If I can make it to the top,
it might just make him see.
The mountain so far off
is inviting, yet scary all the same.
Filled with my sadness,
my pain,
and my hope,
if I can get there they'll all believe.
All of us have been through something. It could be something major, like watching your parents go through a divorce, or having someone you love die. It could be something so personal no one around you even knows you're struggling with it, like depression or sexual orientation. Or it could be something as seemingly minor (yet weirdly challenging) as getting sick the weekend of prom, or being completely unable to parallel park. The point is, you've probably been through a challenge or two and come out stronger.

The Love Letter Project invites you to share your experience and help someone going through the same thing by writing a letter of encouragement - a love letter, if you will. Inspired by the Love Letter Project, TWINE penned a few love letters of our own and we'll be sharing ours here over the next few days, starting with "Dear Depressed Teenager," by Anonymous.

"Dear Depressed Teenager,

I know it's hard. Trust me, I get it. I went through probably exactly what you're going through. I know, I don't know you personally. But you are extraordinary. You are unique. You have strengths and weaknesses and fears, just like the rest of us. Every battle you overcome, every move you make, builds your character and makes you more spectacular.

I believe in you. I truly do. I know it seems odd, coming from a total stranger, but trust me on this one: you do not want to miss out on life. You have a purpose, whether it be to explore space or to raise a child, YOU ARE HERE FOR A REASON! You have come so far already, please don't give up now.

Imagine your life as a wheel, an ever-spinning, infinite wheel of events and possibilities. Whatever you are going through now is a minuscule bump. You have SO many great things ahead of you.

Look around you. Look at the birds, the threes, this wonderful earth. I don't know what happens after you die, but surely it isn't better than this.



Poets unite!

April is National Poetry Month and TWINE waxes poetic with activities inspired by the words of Sherman Alexie, Emily Dickinson, Raymond Carver and more! Don't worry if you're not a big poetry fan -- you can have never written a word of poetry and still enjoy the April meeting.

If you were at last month's meeting and submitted writing and are wondering WHY it hasn't shown up on the blog, rest assured it will be posted in the next few days.

And, if you prefer to follow TWINE online, here's your homework for the month: browse through some books of poetry or find some poems online. Find one that you particularly like and then think about why. What images do you see when you read the poem? What words does the poet use that are particularly effective in creating a mood? What is the poem "saying"? Write your responses and include the poem that inspired you and send it to twine(dot)scld@blogspot(dot)com.

It's March!

"Red Fox Pup(s) Morro Bay, CA 27 May 2008" by Mike Baird

Hurrah for Spring! This month we're writing about reinvention.
Writing Prompt 1: Write a scene or a story with the following three elements: a fox, a birthday cake, and something new.
Writing Prompt 2: It's your job to reinvent Riverfront Park. What would you keep? What would you add to make it better? (Think big: you have the power to add a sports complex, a wildlife preserve, more rides.... whatever you want.)
These are the prompts we'll be doing in our in-person meeting at Spokane Valley Library on Thursday, Mar. 6, and online anytime. If you're participating from home, set a timer for seven minutes, and write! Email us your writing (twine(dot) and we'll post it here on the blog.

Together, Forever?

"Togethr" by Luke Hayfield Photography on Flickr

This month's TWINE is all about love - from musing on the best-ever love scenes in books and film, to sending out some love to those who need it most. So let's get started!

1: You've no doubt seen J.K. Rowling in the news recently, talking about how maybe putting Ron and Hermione together in the last few Harry Potter books wasn't her best idea. What do you think? Let's consider other favorite couples in literature and movies. What makes them "work" (in terms of being believable). Which pairings don't work? Discuss by leaving a comment here!
2: Our next assignment is to think about love, especially all the different kinds of love that aren't necessarily romantic. Sometimes just showing appreciation for someone or giving a compliment on a rough day are ways to show love. Sometimes just sharing your story is a way to be loving. Think of someone you know or have seen that could use a really nice love letter. Now write them one! You can post it here, or if you're feeling extra daring, you could give it to them or leave it where you know they'll find it.
These are the prompts we'll be doing in our in-person meeting at Spokane Valley Library on Thursday, Feb. 6, and online anytime. If you're participating from home, set a timer for seven minutes, and write about couples in books and movies (and discuss why they work -- or don't!) or write a love letter to a stranger, or try both! Email us the results (twine(dot) and we'll post them here on the blog.


...from our 1.2.14 meeting:

With this writing prompt and just 10 minutes to write, TWINE members produced some amazing pieces of micro-fiction! If you couldn't make it to our meeting, try this one at home. Set a timer and go (then email us what you come up with and we'll post it here!)

The Glow, by Licia
While running from crazed supernatural fans, Drew accidentally in his panic created another portal to another world. Seriously, it was not his fault. After his secret of sorcery leaked to the entire city, people had been following him like he was a boy-band member. Drew would've preferred to be hung and burned. So anyways, a few psychotic fans fell through his accidental portal after chasing him from the Wendy's on 5th and Parker. Usually he hated world-jumping, but he'd never harm a mortal. Unless it was his little brother, but his brother was a werewolf (if you wish to remain sane, don't ask.) Drew climbed into the portal and disappeared into the white. Then the portal slammed shut. This is why world-jumping is not fun.
Half Past Midnight, by Aisha
     "Jakob, I don't think we should be doing this," Christa said, walking slowly behind him.
     "Don't be a baby. It'll be fine," Jakob answered.
     Christa said nothing so they continued to walk through the snow-covered forest. It wasn't just that Christa thought it was a bad idea to be in a forest at half past midnight, but it was also cold.
     Jakob didn't seem to mind. With his fur-lined coat he walked briskly through the trail. Christa was much less covered with a dress that went only to her knees and a barely-there coat. She hadn't known they'd be hiking through the forest when she had gotten dressed earlier that night.
     Jakob had sprung it on her after they'd finished seeing Catching Fire in the cinema. It was their first date and Christa had wanted to seem brave. But now while she walked through the bushy woods, she was sure this would be their first and last date. They had only come out here because everyone at school was talking about an orb of light that seemed to remain in mid-air. Rumors had spread across the school like wildfire...



January Meeting Recap

"Villain" by stoneflower

We were a small but enthusiastic group this first meeting of 2014! We did the following writing prompts, which you are welcome to try at home:

1. Think of your favorite villains from fiction, TV, or film. Now choose one and write your villain's list of New Year's Resolutions. Extra: Read your list to someone and see if they can guess which villain it belongs to.

2. Now try the same exercise, but with your favorite hero or protagonist.

Here are a few of ours: